Andy Murray painting 001

Andy Murray, Championship Point

The original painting is not currently for sale, but it is available in Ltd edition print ( 50% scale ) from me or from Rowan Gallery, Helensburgh. Prices to be reviewed for framed and unframed prints.

The print run is at a maximum of 850 numbered prints. The company - Deadly Digital - hold the files and the right to print to commission. They are the only company in the world that hold these. Prints can ONLY be commissioned by me - and will have my unique stamp and certificate.

If this run sells out during my lifetime, a prize draw of £4000 is on offer - corresponding to edition number to any willing buyer who submits their contact details. In other words, anyone buying holds a numbered print; we hold their details and print number - pending their choice to opt in, and their permission that we retain their edition number and contact details; so they have a 1/850 chance ( or fewer ) to win the £4000. Therefore, this can not be scammed.

The only condition, is that the print run must reach its conclusion before a draw takes place.

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